What’s Coming Up

We look forward towards the Christmas time and the New Year with a quick update on our services and our current projects.

First we want to inform you of an upcoming updates to our Weekly Planner service.

After feedback during the first months of service we have decided to make some timing updates to our service. For one we will in the future let our weekly updates stay public until Sunday of that week. This means that you can make last-minute corrections and even transfer posts to the next week, if you should see fit.

This change will be implemented in the coming week.

Current and upcoming projects

We have for some time known that we wanted to extend our services to give you a better and more comprehensive tool to work with.


With the success of our Weekly Planner service for Facebook as an affordable alternative to a management service, we have been asked about expanding the service to include other social media. For now we are working to expand the service to Twitter as the next step.

It is difficult to set a precise timeframe for when we will be ready to offer this service, as we are currently making the initial surveys and work to provide a service that is up to the standard of our current service. We aim at an introduction to the service in the first months of the new year.

Content Calendar

One of the extensions that we are currently working on is a content calendar that will function as a recurring service.

This will be a 2-part service, where you get an updated calendar every month, where you can see the schedule for content on Facebook every day in the coming month. The calendar will not include content for the month, but will specify the category of the content in one of our 5 categories (Engagement, Information, Sales, Brand Relation and Brand Value).

The service will also include a yearly calendar marking the big events of the year, so you have an overall calendar to plan out the bigger events of your business throughout the year.

Both calendars are delivered as .csv files, so you can add your own events and content. You will also be able to add other platforms to the calendars like other social media, blogs and newsletters to keep track of it all. You can even share the calendars in Google Docs to work with them in teams.

We should be ready with a free beta version for around December for our Weekly Planner members. After the beta ends the service will be a yearly subscription.

Image Section

The Image Section is another project that we have worked with a little already. This project is not as far along as the content calendar, but is one that we have a lot of focus on.

The Image Section will be a recurrent service, where you will get access to a library of image content that you can use on your various platforms. The images you find in our Image Section you can use for any purpose you would like, and how ever many times you would like.

We are currently aiming at a beta in January or February of next year, where the Image Section will open for Weekly Planner members for free with a limited selection of images.

When the beta ends and the library is big enough, then we will transition to a monthly subscription, and a setup for credits, if you only need a limited amount of images.


These are all of our current and coming projects that we work with at the moment. We hope that you look forward to them as much as we do. If you have any questions or suggestions, then please tell us in the comments.

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